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iOS 12 developer beta 6 for iPhone and iPad coming today

Update: Now available!

Prepare your iPhones and iPads for iOS 12 beta 6! iOS 12 betas have been released roughly every two weeks so far this summer, but today we expect to see the sixth developer beta version of iOS 12 released just one week after the previous version. We’ll update as soon as the new beta version is live and start digging in for changes.

New in iOS 12

iOS 12 includes several significant changes for iPhone and iPad including performance improvements, especially on older devices; ARKit 2.0 with shared experiences; refined search and sharing in Photos; more Siri access in third-party apps and Siri Shortcuts based on Workflow; updates to Stocks, Voice Memos, Apple Books, and Apple News; use management features including updates to Do Not Disturb, more manageable notifications, and Screen Time parental controls; Memoji in Messages; FaceTime between up to 32 users; and much more.

Several changes in betas 2 through 4 including:

Podcasts app now shows Now Playing indicator on currently playing chapters (chapter support is new to iOS 12)
New splash screen for updated Voice Memos app
New splash screen for Screen Time in Settings, includes Down Time walkthrough for parents
New arrow launcher for Shortcuts in Spotlight
iPhone-only apps on iPad now use iPhone 6 version, not iPhone 4 version (…Instagram…)
Softer location icon in status bar
Time Travel references removed from Watch app –> Clock
Clear All Notifications now has a springy animation
Can now swipe to clear alerts in one swipe (like iOS 11)
Apple Watch Face Gallery now only highlights new Siri watch face updates (previously showed watchOS 4 faces)

Voice Memos for iPad redesigned
FaceTime effect picker tweaked
CarPlay appears to be fixed when using side and backup cameras
Watch app now shows third party apps that work with Siri watch face
11 Activity app stickers that animate and do not require Special Challenge to unlock
iOS automatic updates suggested during setup
Even more new Activity stickers in Messages
Setting wallpaper with a photo now resolved, couldn’t reposition before
Cellular usage now organized by highest amount of data usage, not alphabetical
Activity app has tweaked icons for workouts
Tweaked disclosure icon on passes in Wallet (i → …)
1x/2x for iPhone apps on iPad now has expand arrows instead
Animoji gains more lip style choices, ear ring colors now have shine
Battery Health no longer labeled beta
Screen Time presentation improved
Splash screen for Photos features
Lyrics search in Apple Music now promoted in Search
FaceTime has new tones when connecting and disconnecting from a call

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