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Google Assistant can help troubleshoot problems with your Pixel 2

Google Assistant can do a lot of powerful things, and thanks to new gestures, it’s easier to get to than ever on the Pixel 2. Now, Google has quietly added a way to make troubleshooting your Pixel 2 easier with the help of the Assistant.

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It’s unclear when this was added, but Google Assistant on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL has the ability to troubleshoot certain issues on your device. The process is pretty simple, as Google Assistant will help run you through specific checks and tests to solve a problem before giving you the option to connect to Google to get live help on the problem.

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Since there's no grand list of all the things that it can do in this regard, you'll probably discover some more yourself if you keep trying. The examples in the screenshots above can serve as pointers as to how you could initiate a troubleshooting session with the Google Assistant.
Note that this functionality is limited to Google's newest Pixels at the moment, not even the originals from last year have it. It's also possible that it's yet another US-only thing. As always, it's unclear if the troubleshooting feature will trickle down to other handsets and other countries in the future.

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